Allen Kwabena Frimpong

Resource Mobilizer, Cultural Strategist, and cooperative entrpreneur in Movements

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Allen Kwabena Frimpong is a cooperative entrepreneur, cultural strategist, and an artist who organizes as a conduit through social movements. He aims through his resource mobilization efforts in philanthropy to build a solidarity economy.

He is a founder of several powerful and influencial social entrepreneurship endeavors. He is managing partner of AdAstra Collective ( which is a boutique consulting cooperative whose vision is to transform power through networked movement building for a just, democratic, and liberating world. AdAstra Collective also anchors the work of the Old Money, New System community of practice ( that supports resource mobilization initiatives that strengthen social movement ecosystems to be relational, center community healing, and redistribution of wealth through learning and innovation. He is a principal manager of ZEAL (, a creative studio cooperative for Black artists throughout the diaspora. Lastly, he is the co-founder of Liberation Ventures a field-building organization that takes a networked approach to in building a culture of repair towards winning on reparations in the US.

Allen has supported the capacity-building of many organizational efforts over the last 15 years with a unique interdisciplinary practice in community organizing, cultural strategy, transformative leadership coaching, resource mobilization, and participatory planning within networked complex systems.

  • Education
    • Syracuse University
    • CUNY Hunter College
    • Amherst College
    • Cornell University
    • University of Pennsylvania